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The Staley-Wise Gallery Summer Exhibition will feature films and photographs by Bert Stern: “Jazz on a Summer’s Day, 1958”, “Twiggy in New York, 1967”, and “Twiggy in Hollywood, 1967”.

Jazz on a Summer’s Day, 1958
Interviews with Bert Stern

“When I flew out to scout the location, I took one look and said: I am not making this movie. No way—its impossible. The festival was being held in the backyard of a school. I had always imagined the Newport jazz festival as being held on a beautiful green lawn. On my way back, I sat next to Charlie McWhoter, the legislative assistant to Richard Nixon.  He leaned over and asked me what I’m doing here and I told him. He said, “You’ve got to do that movie!” And looking out over the clouds, I changed my mind. When I shot the film in the summer of 1958, I had a long lens which I adapted to a movie camera, that way I could roam around and not interfere with the performances.”
—Bert Stern
“Bert captured the whole thing, not just the music, but the spirit of Newport, and what was going on then.”—George Wein, Founder and Producer of the Newport Jazz Festival, 2013
“Stern’s work still stands as one of the most exciting jazz concerts ever recorded. A perceptive document of a time and place, a vivid adventure of sight and sound, a dazzling delight in glorious color.”— Judith Christ, New York Magazine, 1960

“Embarassingly intimate!” - Saturday Review, 1960

“Great!” - The New York Times, 1960

“A classic!” -NY Daily News, 1960

Twiggy in New York, 1967

"Twiggy, the most fashionable of mod models, visits New York City in this first of three shows on her U.S. tour. Fashion photographer Bert Stern uses the cinema-verité technique as cameras follow the 17-year-old Londoner to the Museum of Modern Art, Central Park and a charity luncheon. Twiggy is also seen modeling 'In' fashions at New York's chic boutiques and department stores"--TV Guide, April 27, 1967.“

Twiggy in Hollywood, 1967

"Twiggy, the 17-year-old mod fashion model, sweeps through Hollywood on the second of her three-stop U.S. tour. Producer-photographer Bert Stern follows the 91-pound cockney kid as she visits movie studios and Disneyland, and attends a star-sprinkled private party given by singers Sonny and Cher"--TV Guide, May 25, 1967.”





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