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Penn, Avedon, Horst, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Blumenfeld, Steichen, Lee Miller, Henry Clarke, Bob Richardson, Chris von Wangenheim, even Man Ray, worked for the fashion publications and were also commissioned to photograph for advertisers.The Staley-Wise gallery exhibition “From the Archive” is an installation of works from “the gray boxes” which have, over 31 years, been home to many of the inventive and unique images created by the masters in the field.Among the works exhibited are fashion mannequins by Man Ray, and a collection of 8x10 Louise Dahl-Wolfe prints showing the distinct sensibility of her elegant and very American style. Many sittings were a result of her collaboration with the editor, Diana Vreeland. The artful design and execution of fashion presented by Irving Penn of his wife and model, Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn. In the 60’s Avedon photographed Jean Shrimpton in his notable black and white style where we are aware of the women wearing the fashion. Bob Richardson and Chris von Wangenheim interpreted the 70’s. Irreverent, intentionally exposing the reader to sex, drugs in an all inclusive society.

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