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Deborah Turbeville is an original artist. Her unique personal vision colors her work and whether portrait, landscape, interiors or fashion, her signature is immediately apparent. Her influence is seen throughout much of contemporary photography. This distinct, intensely personal vision projects a sense ofisolation, romanticism and ambivalence Bathing Beauties, 1975 that is haunting and disturbing. Turbeville creates a charged atmosphere of mystery, ambiguity and drama by
combining elements of architecture, decor and fashion with her sense of composition, often presenting women in groups, with no interaction between them.
This exhibition features work from 1975 to the present and charts her travels from New York through Russia, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Mexico and France. Hers is a
cinematic vision that has unfolded over the years and reveals itself in dark stairways, deserted palaces, unused bathhouses, warehouses and dark woods. The surface of the work is often scratched and faded and are often collages which intensify her ideas Turbeville's work once seen is unforgettable and resembles nothing else Deborah Turbeville is a fashion editor turned photographer. Her work appears regularly in French and Italian Vogue. She has received numerous awards and has
had museum exhibitions in France, Japan, Mexico and the United States

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