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Bert Stern has enhanced the glamour of his images with the use of crystals, overlaid on the surface of his photographs.  Audrey Hepburn , Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, and Elizabeth Taylor are some of the subjects in this new technique.  These unique prints are playful and inventive and enrich  the iconic images with a newdimension.

He started in the art department  of LOOK Magazine and after serving in the army as a motion picture cameraman he began working as a commercial photographer.  His breakthrough work for Smirnoff Vodka, and his contract with Vogue Magazine in 1960 brought him to the top of his field.  In the 1960's, his studio was a center of excitement in New York.  He was among the first to experiment with many unconventional techniques including videotape, screen-printing, photo-offset combinations and computerized printouts.

 Bert Stern is known as "the man who gives ideas an image." This is evident in this exhibition.

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