Staley-Wise Gallery’s “Real and Surreal” exhibition celebrates Surrealism’s imaginative manipulations of reality and its witty explorations of gender, sex, and style. In her New York Times review of Horst P. Horst’s retrospective at Staley-Wise Gallery in 1996, Sarah Boxer notes that “Horst’s elegant fashion shots owe a considerable debt to Surrealism”, and this is evident in the photographer’s compositions of models’ disembodied appendages attired in gloves and hats of the era and the participants wearing Salvador Dali’s elaborate costumes for his “Dream of Venus” pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair. Philippe Halsman’s own long and productive friendship with Salvador Dali produced the extraordinary 1941 portrait of the surrealist icon posed next to his “skull” of painstakingly posed female nude figures.

There are few fashion moments more iconic than Melvin Sokolsky’s 1963 Harper’s Bazaar shoot of model Simone floating through an enchanted Paris in a plexi-glass bubble, or his portrait of model Donna Mitchell with her eyes and lips “streaked” as if in a dream. David Seidner’s 1980’s fashion images featuring fractured and multiple exposures remain poetic and eerie, while Fergus Greer’s portraits of performance artist Leigh Bowery exhibit the joyful abandon of traditional societal and sexual norms that Surrealism celebrates. The exhibit also includes work by Deborah Turbeville, Erwin Blumenfeld, Man Ray, and Sheila Metzner, among others.
Melvin Sokolsky Lip Streaks, Donna Mitchell, New York, 1967

1 Priscilla Rattazzi In the Jolly, Palm Beach, 2008
Man Ray Mannequin on Staircase, circa 1930

23 Priscilla Rattazzi Hitchcock Palms II, Palm Beach, 2008
Man Ray Mannequin on Balcony, circa 1930

24 Priscilla Rattazzi Hitchcock Palms III, Palm Beach, 2008
Norman Parkinson Two Dressmaker’s dummies with scissors, 1960

25 Priscilla Rattazzi Hitchcock Palms IV, Palm Beach, 2008
Erwin Blumenfeld Cubistic Purple Nude, New York, 1949

26 Priscilla Rattazzi Pines, Hotel du Cap, Antibes, France, 2003
Deborah Turbeville Stigmata: Isabella at Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1977

27 Priscilla Rattazzi Luna on the Lawn, East Hampton, 2008
Man Ray Death Mask of Modigliani, 192829
André Kertész Still Life with Flowers and Snake, New York, 196028
Horst P. Horst Lanvin Fashion, Paris, 1937

2 Priscilla Rattazzi The Kiss, East Hampton, 2009
Philippe Halsman Salvador Dali (Cheese)

6 Priscilla Rattazzi Nicky Vreeland, Sagaponack, 1976
Horst P. Horst Lisa: “I Love You,” Paris, 1938

5 Priscilla Rattazzi Julie Taymor, New York, 2003
Horst P. Horst Tall Fashion, New York, 1963

4 Priscilla Rattazzi Loulou de la Falaise and Thadee Klossowki, New York, 1983
Horst P. Horst
Costume Design by Salvador Dali for Dream of Venus, 1939

3 Priscilla Rattazzi Lola, Rear View Mirror, East Hampton, 2007
Erwin Blumenfeld Dayton’s, 1955

8 Priscilla Rattazzi Jean Pagliuso and Jessie, Watermill, 1985
Fergus Greer Leigh Bowery: Session 3, Look 11, 1990

17 Priscilla Rattazzi Surfers at Southerndown, Wales, UK, 2009
Melvin Sokolsky Yoga Wheel, New York, Harper’s Bazaar, 1962

14 Priscilla Rattazzi Raimonda, Sicily, 1982
Melvin Sokolsky Le Dragon, Paris, 1963

15 Priscilla Rattazzi Hurricane Irene I, East Hampton, 2011
Fergus Greer Leigh Bowery: Session 2, Look 10, 1989

16 Priscilla Rattazzi Hurricane Irene II, East Hampton, 2011
David Seidner 
Darriela Stinea, Jacques Lecone hat, 1987

Philippe Halsman Jean Cocteau’s Painting Comes to Life, 1949

7 Priscilla Rattazzi Diana Vreeland, New York, 1982
Horst P. Horst
Costume Designs by Salvador Dali for his Ballet Bacchanale, Paris, 1939

9 Priscilla Rattazzi Hurricane Bob, the Beginning, East Hampton, 1991
Philippe Halsman In Voluptas Mars, 1941

10 Priscilla Rattazzi Hurricane Bob, the End, East Hampton, 1991
Sheila Metzner
The Kiss, Fendi, 1986

11 Priscilla Rattazzi Three Lindens in a Snowstorm, East Hampton, 1996
David Seidner Cynthia Antonio in Jean Patou, 1987

13 Priscilla Rattazzi Gianni Agnelli, Los Cardos, Argentina, 1978
Fergus Greer Leigh Bowery: Session 7, Look 38, 1994

Philippe Halsman Marilyn-Mao, 1952

21 Priscilla Rattazzi Autumnal Sands, East Hampton, 1999
Willy Rizzo Salvador Dali, Paris, 1950

22 Priscilla Rattazzi Hitchcock Palms I, Palm Beach, 2008
Fergus Greer Leigh Bowery: Session 1, Look 2, 1988

18 Priscilla Rattazzi Fisherman Checking Crab Traps, East Hampton, 1998
Fergus Greer Leigh Bowery: Session 3, Look 14, 1990

19 Priscilla Rattazzi Sailing around the Pond Regatta, East Hampton, 1998