Chris von Wangenheim

Chris von Wangenheim produced a body of work which has continued to fascinate, intrigue and influence the photography world. Combining a dark world of sexuality, violence, and voyeurism in all their perverse implications, with an extreme visual elegance, he achieved a starling synthesis of glamour and terror which is unique to his work.

He was born in 1942 in Germany. In 1965 he migrated to New York to learn photography. One year after he had set up his own studio and began working for Harper's Bazaar. By 1970 he was photographing for Italian Vogue and by 1971 for French Vogue. In 1972 he became a contributing editor of American Vogue.

Chris von Wangenheim worked for many major advertising companies such as Revlon, Clairol, Christian Dior and Helena Rubinstein. He also contributed to magazines like Esquire, Oui, Playboy, and Interview.

His career was cut short in 1981 by an early accidental death.
Chris von Wangenheim Gia getting Tatooed, circa 1975 1
Chris von Wangenheim Marina Schiano 2
Chris von Wangenheim Fetching is your Dior. Lisa Taylor, Christian Dior, 19763
Chris von Wangenheim Dayle Haddon and model, circa 19794
Chris von Wangenheim Gia Carangi and Sandy Linter, circa 19785
Chris von Wangenheim Two Men Dancing on Beach, circa 19756
Chris von Wangenheim Marie Helvin, circa 19707
Chris von Wangenheim Model in white dress and mask, circa 19788
Chris von Wangenheim Gia and models, California Desert, VOGUE, 19799