About Deborah Turbeville

Deborah Turbeville has brought her distinct, intensely personal vision to a body of work. Turbeville's work first appeared in Vogue in the 1970's. She has been acknowledged as a dominant figure in contemporary photography, bringing an entirely original vision to the art. She has had inumerable exhibitions throughout the world.

Deborah Turbeville was a fashion editor turned photographer, and her work appears regularly in French and Italian Vogue. She has received numerous awards and has had museum exhibitions in France, Japan, Mexico, and the United States.
Stigmata: Isabella at Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Paris, 19771
Vera Abrusova, Stroganov Palace, 19962
Deborah Turbeville Radio City Music Hall, New York, 19803
Deborah Turbeville From the Bath House Series, Vogue, 19754
Deborah Turbeville, Women in The Woods: Isabella and Elle in Blumarine, VOGUE Italia, Montova, Italy, 19775
Deborah Turbeville, For Rochas, France, circa 19856
Deborah Turbeville from Unseen Versailles, 19807
Deborah Turbeville From the Valentino Collection, 19778
Deborah Turbeville, From Unseen Versailles, 19809