London Fashion, 1949

Trafalgar Square

Bianca Mosca Check Coat, 1949

Norman Parkinson was the preeminent fashion photographer in Great Britain from the late 30s until his death in 1990.

Born in 1913, Norman Parkinson was apprenticed to a portrait photographer and by the age of twenty-one opened his own studio. He soon began to work for the British edition of Harper's Bazaar and throughout his long career he contributed to many publications, including Vogue, Queen, and Town and Country.

His work became famous for the liveliness, spontaneity and humor of his photographs, as well as for the creative use of his outdoor locations. His work has the ability to capture accurately the spirit of the period in which he is working, always conveying amusement, and joie de vivre.

How to kill five stones with one bird, 1964


Young idea at Brussels Fair, 1958

Michael Sherard's Bell-Sleeved Duffle Jacket, 1949

The Little Dining Room, 1954

London Fashion, 1949