About Andre Kertesz

Self-taught photographer Andre Kertesz was born in 1894 in Hungary and began taking pictures when he was sixteen. In 1925 he moved to Paris, where he met and photographed painters and writers. In 1927 he presented the first one-man photographic exhibition ever held. He moved to America in 1936. Recognition came slow and culminated in his 1964 one-man show at the New York's Museum of Modern Art.
Andre Kertesz
Distortion #172, Paris, 19331
Andre Kertesz, February, 19792
Andre Kertesz, Distortion, Paris, 19333
Andre Kertesz, Paris Breakfast, January 3, 19824
Andre Kertesz, New York, 34th St., 19595
Andre Kertesz
Satiric Dancer, 19266
Andre Kertesz, Washington Square Playground, 19617
Andre Kertesz To Susan, Paris, 19319