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Huene-Markus: Form and Fashion

New York Times - Fashion and Style Review


Though Huene stopped his fashion work by 1945 and Markus began in 1987, they both imbued their work with grace, elegance and honesty, raising the standards of the
fashion photograph, each in their own time.

Kurt Markus, born, raised, and still a resident of Montana, personifies an American vision of fashion photography; fresh, natural, realistic and introspective, often shot in outdoor settings.

Baron George Hoyningen-Huene
(1900 – 1968) an aristocrat born in St. Petersburg, was by 1925 the chief photographer for French Vogue. His models were aloof, sophisticated and glamorous, reflecting the European ideal of upper class remove.

Uniting these contrasting American and European views of fashion photography is admiration of feminine beauty, understanding of fashion and natural talent for the genre.


Form and Fashion | Hoyningen-Huene and Kurt Markus
Form and Fashion | Hoyningen-Huene and Kurt Markus
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