About Ellen von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth is a photographer and director. In addition to her career as fashion photographer, filmmaker and video director, her work has been collected in numerous books and two photo-novellas. Von Unwerth’s first book, Snaps, was published in 1994 followed by Wicked (1998), Couples (1999) and Omahyra & Boyd (2005). The Fräulein book was published in December of 2009 by Taschen and accompanied by exhibitions in New York, London, Paris and Berlin. Her photographs have been widely exhibited internationally including in Archaeology of Elegance (2012), Fashioning Fiction, exhibited at MoMA/Queens in 2004, and The Model as Muse, exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2009). After a decade as a fashion model, von Unwerth brought a first-hand knowledge of the kinetic energy of fashion photo shoots to the creation of her own photographs.
Ellen von Unwerth Four Girls in Shower, 19941
Ellen von Unwerth 
From Original Sin, 1998-92
Ellen von Unwerth Mannequin, Paris, 19983
Ellen von Unwerth  Maria Luisa with White Pearls, 19924
Ellen von Unwerth
Again?, New York, 19975
Ellen von Unwerth From Original Sin, 1998-96
Ellen von Unwerth 
Stephanie Seymour, 19927
Ellen von Unwerth Double Trouble, New York, 20088
Ellen von Unwerth Nudes at the Royalton, 19929