Bert Stern has enhanced the glamour of his images with the use of crystals, overlaid on the surface of his photographs. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, and Elizabeth Taylor, are some of the subjects in this new technique. These unique prints are playful and inventive and enrich the iconic images with a new dimension.

He started in the art department of LOOK Magazine and after serving in the army as a motion picture cameraman he began working as a commercial photographer. His breakthrough work for Smirnoff’s Vodka, and his contact with Vogue Magazine in 1960 brought him to the top of his field. In the 1960’s, his studio was a center of excitment in New York. He was among the first to
experiment with many unconventional
techniques including videotape, screen-printing, photo-offset combinations and computerized printouts. Bert Stern is known as ‘the man who gives ideas an image’.