Slim Aarons

About Slim Aarons

As a chronicler of the good life, as lived by the upper classes and aristocracy in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's, Slim Aarons has no peer. Born in New Hampshire in the early years of the century, he was a classic outsider looking in, and as such he idealized the rich. The women are beautiful and exquisitely dressed, the men handsome and poised. The houses, shown in detail, range from European palazzos and castles to Palm Beach to suburban and Southhampton castles. Slim Aarons brought a photojournalist's eye to the art of formal society portraiture, posing his subjects as still life, in their magnificent environments. Aaron's also visited Hollywood frequently on assignment and the stars at play were also his subjects. Slim Aarons served as a photographer during World War II, with the Eighth Army Division, and this led to his career as a photographer. Affable and stylish, Aarons, after the war, photographed for Town and Country, Holiday, Vogue, Life, and Travel and Leisure. With the publication of his book "A Wonderful Time" in 1974, this vanishing world was crystalized.
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